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The Apprenticeship Program White County High School
Remember when you were an adolescent and grown ups asked you "What you want to do when you grow up?” What did you say? Did you think you wanted to be a nurse, a racecar driver, a farmer, or a teacher? I bet you didn’t think about working in a dental laboratory. But, Seniors at White County High School do have the chance
Bill and Heather to help people have nice teeth and pretty smiles by working at Smile Science, a dental lab owned by Bill Thomas, CDT.

The Youth Apprenticeship Program at White County High School is a program that incorporates three critical elements: work-based learning, school-based learning, and appropriate connecting activities. It allows Juniors and Seniors who have an identified career objective to obtain experience and skills in a workplace setting. These students take courses relevant to their career goals and simultaneously work in correlating local businesses.

The Georgia Department of Education established this program in the early 90’s in an effort to prepare students for high-skill occupations and to provide Georgia with a pool of highly trained, technologically sophisticated young workers. Students get a head start on their career and experience a smoother transition to work while employers have an excellent opportunity to build employee loyalty, reduce costly turnover, and impact the skill level of its employee base.

Since the beginning of the program at WCHS in 1994, Mr. Thomas has employed several Youth Apprenticeship students. In fact, he was one of the first employers involved and was instrumental in getting the program started. Mr. Thomas remains a strong supporter of the program partially because of the many good student employees who have stayed with his company.

But more importantly, he feels that the Apprenticeship program is a great way to further educate the many really good students who may not be college bound, yet still have a lot to offer the business sector.

While White County Youth Apprenticeship Program has helped produced several young dental professionals, many other industries have benefited as well. Plumbers, HVAC assistants, administrative assistants, bankers, bakers, chefs, teachers, grocery store managers, pharmacy technicians, welders, Certified Nurses Assistants, veterinary technicians, auto technicians, graphic designers and even a racecar driver began their careers while participating in the program. What a great place to start!

Donna Fitzpatrick, Apprenticeship Program Director - White County High School



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